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11 Sep 08 # Chrome Theme for Tumblr

A lightweight theme based on the highly coveted Google Chrome browser.

1. Download the file.

2. Copy its contents.

3. Go to your dashboard, then Customize > Theme > “Custom Theme.”

4. Paste into the text box and save.

11 Sep 08 # About the theme

Common Features

2 columns fixed width

Tested on IE6/7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and of course Chrome

XHTML & CSS Validated

Based on the WP Chrome Theme by Genkisan and converted into Chrome Theme for Tumblr by Pratyush Mittal.

11 Sep 08 # License

This theme was originally released released under the Creative Commons GNU GPL. Appreciate if you can keep the credit link.

11 Sep 08 #


It’s the End of the World as we Know it.
A dazzling digital rendition of what it would look like if the Earth was hit by an asteroid.

Oh well.
At least there would be no more rap music.

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